About Me

Who am I?
Ratri Adityarani, a.k.a Ratri Chibi, an Indonesian female who lives in Bandung.
A University graduate with a major on International Relations, currently I work as a PR, also as a freelance writer and translator.
I enjoy history books – facts or fiction, cute stationery, boxes, and music from almost every genre. You will find stories about music, books, and traveling site I’ve enjoyed in this blog, also some other random things that came crossing my mind.

Ratri is a bookworm and a loyal music lover who loves to write and enjoys culinary tours. She studied social and political issues, and never stop learning about anything from anyone and any experiences. Her biggest interests are books, food, history, and a genuine smile on people’s faces.

I also write about my culinary adventures with my friend in my other blog, Nyicip.com.

For more information or any inquiry, please drop your email to ratrichibi@gmail.com.